Carolin Harper Hairdresser Tettenhall - 8th March 2013

'As a hairstylist of some 25 years I have worked with many individuals, male and female, whose hair loss or thinning hair has been distressing to them.  I have also encountered many products professing hair volumising  properties with varying levels of effect.
THK Hair Building Fibres are significantly different.  The instant effect the fibres gave when used on men was remarkable and without exception, customers were very impressed, as was I!  THK thickens the hair brilliantly and totally eradicates the problem of the scalp shining through.  The fibres are easy to use and give an incredibly natural appearance which gets even better as the product settles.
I have also tried THK on my ladies suffering female pattern baldness and alopecia.  It was great on thinning partings and crown areas on dark hair while amplifying fine blonde and grey hair, allowing the hair to retain a natural appearance and shine.  As with the men, they were thrilled with the appearance, it gave them and felt immediately it would give them greater confidence.
I am very impressed to recommend without hesitation THK Hair Building Fibres.

Rhys Gronow - 12th March 2013

THK Hair Building Fibres Brown
'I was amazed at how well THK worked! I did not know what to expect, but I was not expecting for my hair to look like it did ten years ago! I will definitely be ordering again and I highly recommend it to everyone.'

Phil Vyse 11th Feb 2013

THK Hair Building Fibres Light Brown
'My hair was visibly thicker and noticeably more hair, now my hair looks healthier and is easy to style. THK lasted well on the hair and didn’t rub of onto clothes or bedding. I would use THK again'

Katie Owende 8th February 2013

THK Hair Building Fibres Dark Brown
'THK really is brilliant! I saw an instant improvement and I am so happy that I am able to wear my hair in styles that I thought I would never be able to again!'

Mrs F, Henley, Oxfordshire. February 2013

'This product is a great find it is very quick and easy to use.  Unlike other products I’ve tried, it is not messy, doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and gives an instant, very realistic effect.  Like many forty-something women, I have mild female pattern baldness and I definitely recommend this product.'