What is THK?

THK is a pure plant derivative hair building fibre for Men and Women.  

Our patented formula is a breakthrough in the invention of hair fibres. THK Hair Building Fibres are dissimilar to those of our competitors', being entirely made up of plant obtained protein keratin derivatives.   Our scientific advancement means the fibre structure is practically identical to the structure of human hair, giving a natural glossy overall appearance.

THK Hair Building Fibres is the sole product currently available applying this ground-breaking  technology.

THK Hair Building Fibres instantly eliminate the appearance of receding or thinning hair. It will not be adversely affected in wind,  rain or when playing sport of any kind.

Moreover, it will not stain your pillow or clothing even without applying locking mist.  In fact, we do not recommend the use of locking mist continually, because standard locking mist  and hair sprays contain Colophony, Ethyl Alcohol and Essence. These ingredients are definitely not beneficial to your hair.

Unlike the majority of similar products currently available, THK Hair Building Fibres uses NO animal product, animal ingredients,  synthetic dyes or preservatives. THK hair has been professionally formulated in our state of the art laboratories, by our team of two PhD nutritionists and over 15 degree standard chemists.

How THK works

Style hair. Shake THK Hair Building fibres liberally over the thinning areas until completely covered. Thousands of tiny hair fibres undetectably merge with your own hair to instantly make your hair appear fuller and thicker. THK Hair Building Fibres is wind, rain and perspiration resistant.


Plant resinous fibre, Keratin derivative, Antistatic agent, proprietary Ammonium bicarbonate.


THK Hair Building Fibres are intended for external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes. 

How THK compares to leading other brands




 Leading Hair Thickeners    

Natural Look

tick  Patented technology gives a glossy natural effect strikethrough Keratin fibres give a dull unnatural look
Bond to Hair  Complete bonding between fibres and hair  Weak bonding between fibres and hair. Spray adhesive has to be applied
Free of Animal Contents           Nil animal content Main material extracted from animal furs
Free of Synthetic Dyes Colouring agents are natural mineral based colourants  Animal furs are prepared with chemical bleaches and synthetic substance dyes
Hypoallergenic      Plant based natural         materials Animal furs may cause itching, dandruff or other antagonistic reactions.
Comfort  Natural fibres stay on hair shaft, not the scalp Animal fur based fibres fall on the scalp instead of your hair.
Durability THK will withstand wind, rain and sweat due to a bonding force between fibres and hair  Less durable and unhealthy due to weak bonding between fibres and your hair.
Natural Product THK is 100% natural. The fibre is a plant derivative  All other available products contain synthetic dyes and preservatives.