There are very important differences between THK Hair Building Fibres and other comparable products.

THK Hair Building Fibres are longer than similar  hair building products making their effect more natural.

THK Hair Building Fibres is bactericide-free and preservative-free. Therefore, it’s safer to use and more environmentally friendly.

THK Hair Building Fibres transport a homopolar negative ion which inhibits the product forming groups inside and outside the bottle. No similar  product of its kind delivers this unique formula. Additionally, the dispensability and Static adsorption capacity are developed to a far greater degree than any of our competitors’ products, giving a stronger bond and more natural effect.  Moreover, the fibres will not migrate onto your skin or clothing.

 Contrast between THK and leading competitors 

              Competitors                                       THK

THK Hair scientifically improved fibre technology

THK Hair Building Fibres is endorsed by doctors and hair professionals because of its completely safe to use formulation, suitable for use on any kind of hair, even hair transplants. Whereas numerous other products are  laden with synthetic chemicals colourants and artificial preservatives.  In additon many competitors' products apply animal wool as a source of their fibres because they are inexpensive to produce, and require chemical treatment which means they can cause irritation such as dandruff, itchy scalp and rashes.  Our unique entirely natural product causes none of the above.

THK Hair Building Fibres out performs old-fashioned sprays and ALL other sprinkle type products available.

We guarantee THK Hair Building Fibres will make you feel younger look younger and change the way you feel about yourself.

What’s the difference between THK and competitor’s products?

There are three very important differences: 

  1. THK fibres are longer than other hair building products making their effect more natural.
  2. THK is bactericide-free and preservative-free, therefore it’s safer and more environmentally friendly.
  3. THK Hair Building Fibres carry a homopolar negative ion which prevents the product  forming groups inside and outside the bottle. The dispensability and Static adsorption ability are developed to a far greater degree than any of our competitors products.

Contrast between THK and a leading competitor’s product:

                       Competitor                                       THK

Contrast between THK Hair Building Fibres and another leading  brand. Note THK Hair fibres are longer and dont clump together:

What are the main ingredients of THK Hair Building Fibers?

THK Hair; fibres are safer, more environmentally friendly and more natural than any other product available. THK Hair Building Fibres are made from a patent pending special secret composition of 100% plant derived material including plant resin and wood keratin.

Why are THK Hair Building Fibres more durable than other similar products?

THK Hair; Building Fibres is distinctive from the powder form of competitor products. Each THK Hair; fibre is longer, finer and has a superior method of dispensability.  As a result each application requires less product to achieve the best coverage, thus is more economical.  Yet THK Hair; building fibres give an even better finished effect, instantly giving a fuller, thicker head of hair.  In addition, the special design of the cone-shape fine round hole in the mess plug prevents the fibres from clumping and encourages a consistent flow. Compare THK Hair; Building Fibres with other similar products, you will find 25g of THK Hair; Building Fibres is equal to and will last as long as 35g in other products.

THK Hair under magnification shows fibre advancement

Do THK Hair Building Fibres have any unpleasant odours?

No. THK Hair Building Fibres are perfume free therefore they do not have any odour.

What colours does THK Hair Building Fibres come in?

THK Hair; Building Fibres is available in 6 colours, one to match every shade: Black; Dark Brown; Medium Brown; Light Brown; Blonde and Grey.

What sizes does THK Hair Building Fibre come in?

THK comes in 25g bottle, this is the ideal size as it is small enought to be carried easily for travel while it holds sufficient fibres to last.  This is the most popular size sold in the global market at present.

Why does THK Hair Building Fibres add a small quantity of Keratin Derivatives?

Keratin Derivatives are produced by a special process which removes the original biological activity. Therefore, there’s no need to add Bactericide and Preservative. A small amount of Keratin Derivatives enables THK Hair Building Fibres look natural and shiny, very much like real hair. Keratin Derivatives are also the carrier of homopolar negative ions.

Can Hair Building Fibres be made by 100% Keratin Derivatives?

No. whilst the inclusion of a small proportion of Keratin derivatives adds to the performance of THK Hair Building Fibers, it is not possible to use them exclusively as Keratin derivatives have lost their original activity reducing their ability to hold the electrostatic charge and they don’t have the stretching resistance fibres require.

Is it safe to use the THK Hair Building Fibres?

YES, THK Hair Building Fibres are primarily made of Plant fibres. These contain No bactericide or preservative therefore it’s safe to use for all instances of hair loss. Moreover, THK Hair Building Fibres won’t block the pores, damage or irritate the scalp.

Can I use THK Hair Building Fibres every day?

Yes, you can. THK Hair Building Fibers are the safest and most environmentally friendly hair building fibres. 

How long does one bottle of THK Hair Building Fibres last?

Usage will vary depending on the extent of the thinning area. THK Hair Building Fibres are currently available in a bottle of 25g which the typical customer can apply approximately 30-50 times. However, if the area is smaller customers have informed us that even when used daily, the bottle will last up to three months.  When the usage of THK Hair Building Fibres is compared with other similar products, it lasts longer, this is due to the innovative dispenser and the exceptional way THK Hair Building Fibres bonds with existing hair.

If I use THK Hair Building Fibres for a long time, will this accelerate my hair thinning?

No. THK Hair Building Fibre is completely free of harmful components. It won’t hurt the scalp, clog the pores or have any adverse effect on the health of hair.

Will it have an adverse affect on my scalp if I use THK Hair building fibres regularly?

No. THK Hair Building Fibres are mainly made of Plant Fibres; it’s totally bactericide-free and preservative-free. Therefore it won’t cause scalp irritation or dandruff they way products made from keratin fibres can.

Can THK Hair Building Fibres make hair re-grow?

No. THK Hair Building Fibers is a small tiny hair fibre; it physically makes your hair look fuller and thicker. It can’t unfortunately make hair re-grow.

Does THK Hair Building Fibres stain the scalp or clothes?

No. THK Hair Building Fibres never lose colour or stick to clothes.

Can THK Hair Building Fibres be used on a completely bald head?

Unfortunately not THK Hair Building Fibres are based upon the principle that homopolar anion's static adsorption to the thinning hair and scalp and physically make the hair look thicker and cover the thinning area. THK Hair Building Fibers are suitable for any type of alopecia areata, tonsure, hair thinning and very fine hair. As you can see from our photographs, we can help 90% of people, but it won’t be effective on a completely bald head.

Will THK Hair Building Fibres be affected by wind, rain, sweat or during sporting activities?

No. Because of the structure of our product, the fibres will not be affected by adverse weather conditions or when playing sport.

Do I have to wash off THK Hair Building Fibres with special shampoo?

No. because of our unique homololar anions static absorbsion, THK Hair Building Fibres can be washed out with any shampoo.

Do I have to use locking mist hair spray every time after I apply THK Hair Building Fibres?

NO. We would only suggest the customer use the locking mist hair spray if the hair is very thin and prone to fly about when conditions are extremely windy. The fibres stay put, not because of the homopolar anions static adsorption effect. We don’t recommend that customers use locking mist hair spray for a long time on account of average locking mist hair spray contains Colophony, Ethyl Alcohol and Essence. These ingredients are not good for the hair.