There are very important differences between THK Hair Building Fibres and other comparable products.

THK Hair Building Fibres are longer than similar  hair building products making their effect more natural.

THK Hair Building Fibres is bactericide-free and preservative-free. Therefore, it’s safer to use and more environmentally friendly.

THK Hair Building Fibres transport a homopolar negative ion which inhibits the product forming groups inside and outside the bottle. No similar  product of its kind delivers this unique formula. Additionally, the dispensability and Static adsorption capacity are developed to a far greater degree than any of our competitors’ products, giving a stronger bond and more natural effect.  Moreover, the fibres will not migrate onto your skin or clothing.

 Contrast between THK and leading competitors 

              Competitors                                       THK

THK Hair scientifically improved fibre technology

THK Hair Building Fibres is endorsed by doctors and hair professionals because of its completely safe to use formulation, suitable for use on any kind of hair, even hair transplants. Whereas numerous other products are  laden with synthetic chemicals colourants and artificial preservatives.  In additon many competitors' products apply animal wool as a source of their fibres because they are inexpensive to produce, and require chemical treatment which means they can cause irritation such as dandruff, itchy scalp and rashes.  Our unique entirely natural product causes none of the above.

THK Hair Building Fibres out performs old-fashioned sprays and ALL other sprinkle type products available.

We guarantee THK Hair Building Fibres will make you feel younger look younger and change the way you feel about yourself.